IPBrick.SCHOOL is a breakthrough innovation in IT learning. This is a solution that provides a desktop multi-session designed for the school environment of the future, based on a set of cheap thin clients connected to a IPBrick server (instead of an expensive infrastructure of computers). With this solution, any school can  in 30 minutes install a server connected to up to 64 terminals with two or more different operating systems for  their students workstations! A 100% automatic  process!


  • Each workstation consists in a slight terminal connected to a server IPBrick.SCHOOL – saves money and energy!Supports educational platform Moodle.

Zusammenarbeitende Umgebung

  • Students and teachers share the same content – E-Mail, Calendar, Contacts and files – from a single server. Easy Management
  • Installation is automatic and the configuration is very simple. Does not require specialized technical resources.

Teilen von Daten und Einstellungen

  • OS exchange is made with  no need to reboot the machine. All settings and data are centralized, and whatever the OS is, users can share the same information.

Gleichzeitige Sitzungen auf mehreren Betriebssystemen

Our technology also provides a financial advantage for schools (or businesses and organizations): each workstation is only a cheap thin client connected to the server and every time a user wants to start a session that thin client has all the available Operating Systems, all configurations and data to choose from. So, each workstation doesn’t need to have its computer tower, only a thin client. Moreover, students and teachers can access and share from a single server (eventually from several servers in master and slave architectures) the same content, such as E-Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Files, embodying a truly collaborative learning environment.
With IPBrick.SCHOOL you can have an environment friendly institution. Imagine how much energy, space – and money! – a school can save by having a room with 20 (or more) silent, economical thin-client workstations replacing the noisy computer towers.

Sparen Sie Geld

Having IPBrick.SCHOOL is a synonym to save money because there is no need to have a computer for each user, only thin clients. This is a flexible, cost effective solution that will improve schools, businesses, call centers, government institutions and other organizations financial performance because it provides an easier and cheaper maintenance. Actually, if a desktop crashes, you just need to replace the thin client and in less than five minutes you can continue the work, with no configurations or installing constraints.

Einfach zu handhaben

IPBrick.SCHOOL is really easy to manage: the installation is automatic, all the configurations can be set by a user-friendly IPBrick web interface which is scalable technology. It doesn’t require specialized technicians, and two hours are enough to train the School IT manager to manage the server. In case of a hardware crash, our technology also provides an efficient Disaster Recovery system which can make your IPBrick.SCHOOL work again as new in minutes.

Tausch der Betriebssysteme ohne den Rechner neu zu starten

With IPBrick.SCHOOL. it is possible to have desktops with multiple sessions in different Operating Systems, without having to reboot the machine. This means that you can have simultaneous sessions both in Windows and Linux. The great advantage of this solution is the possibility of students and teachers getting accustomed to the Linux Operating System while keeping a Windows session working.IPBrick.SCHOOL is a way of getting used to Open Source technologies and taking advantage of its enormous potential.

Konfiguration und Datenaustausch

Another great feature of IPBrick.SCHOOL is that all configurations and data are centralized and, whatever Operating System you are working in, the users share the same information. All user accounts are created in IPBrick.SCHOOL, so all three Operating Systems use the same login and password. For example, if a user creates a folder during a Windows session, it is automatically available when the user moves to the Linux  session.


IPBrick.SCHOOL supports Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment), an open-source software for the learning process, which runs in a virtual environment. In this program it is possible to administer educational activities; it allows teachers to follow students  projects and creates on-linecommunities. The same content – E-Mail, Calendar, Contacts and other features – can be shared between every users.


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