FTP Server Erkennung

Die meisten Kunden wissen nur über 18% ihrer FTP Server Bescheid

FTP/​Auditor enables you to:
  • Discover and identify all of the servers running FTP, SFTP or FTPS in your network
  • Determine how FTP on these servers is secured
  • Evaluate the purpose and contribution of FTP usage on those servers to the business
  • Ensure FTP usage that serves the business is properly secured
  • Ensure FTP usage that does not contribute in a meaningful way to the business is disabled and stays disabled
  • Protect your company from costly and embarrassing breaches of sensitive corporate or customer data

Regelmäßig ausgeführte, automatisierte Scans

Maintaining network security requires constant vigilance. Many of our customers have reported that they find new FTP-​enabled servers in their network every week. 
To ensure consistent ongoing network security, FTP/​Auditor can be set up to run at regular intervals and email the scan results to you. New servers enabled for FTP will be brought to your attention with no effort on your part. This allows you to evaluate them in seconds and decide whether to disable or secure FTP appropriately, depending upon the needs of the business.

Wie FTP/Auditor funktioniert

FTP/​Auditor scans your corporate network and identifies every server that has FTP enabled. Additionally, FTP/​Auditor assesses each server to see if it allows anonymous FTP. With a double-​click you can display the content of the server’s default folder. FTP/​Auditor scans also locate known servers, authorized for FTP usage. These servers can be moved to the Excluded tab so you can focus on the new and questionable servers running FTP that need to be investigated further.
You can set FTP/​Auditor up to run at regular intervals and email the scan results to you, so new servers found running FTP will be brought to your attention with no effort on your part.
The screen shot shows the results of an FTP Audit.
213 servers with FTP enabled were located, a number of which allow anonymous FTP.


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Identifizieren Sie ihre FTP Server

Pause the mouse over a server to see the welcome message the FTP Server sends out.
If the FTP server was set up without IT knowledge or approval, it will display the FTP server’s default welcome message.
Default welcome messages usually identify the type of FTP Server and the operating system of the server the FTP server is running on.
This information can be used by hackers to search for known vulnerabilities and exploits for that particular server.

Sehen Sie welche Daten ungeschützt sind

Double-​click on any of the servers that FTP/​Auditor finds to display the files and folders available on the server.
If the server allows anonymous logon, the files and folders in its default folder will be displayed.


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