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RPM Remote Print Manager (RPM), a TCP/IP print server for Microsoft Windows 
platforms, was designed to receive print jobs from any host system and print those documents to any printer available to the Windows computer. RPM can receive print jobs from a wide variety of print clients including IBM mainframes, AS/400 systems, UNIX and Linux servers, and PC and Macintosh print clients. RPM supports text printing features including fonts, margins, line wrap and others. It can pass print data directly to a printer without modification; open it in another Windows application, or archive the file to disk in plain text, PDF, or HTML format. RPM’s features include the ability to automatically modify the data according to your needs prior to output by removing PCL codes, translating EBCDIC or SCS data from IBM mainframes and iSeries computers to it’s ASCII equivalent, and much more. RPM takes cross-platform printing and processing documents from host systems to new levels receiving. Printing or archiving to Windows-based resources will lower your printing costs and make your printing processes more efficient.

RPM Features

RPM Remote Print Manager offers numerous ways to customize print data. 
The following features all have real-world uses. Many of these features were added due to customer feedback. If you can think of ways our product could be adapted to meet your network printing needs, please contact us. Note that the features listed here are available in all versions of RPM unless otherwise noted. 

Die Möglichkeit unabhängig von Treibern zu drucken

RPM prints directly to any Windows‐based printer. No need to 
purchase expensive printers or additional hardware for your printer. 

Konvertiert Text zu PDF und HTML 

RPM converts print documents to PDF and simple HTML for easy 
viewing, archiving, and distribution and to eliminate paper costs.  
RPM Elite supports PDF security features as well. 

Unterstützt mehrere Drucker

Supports multiple printers.  With RPM Select, you can print to as 
many as 10 printers.  RPM Elite supports 99 up to unlimited. 

Zusätzliche Ausgabemethoden

In addition to printing, RPM can also archive to disk, run a program 
passing the file as an argument or standard input (stdin), email 
documents to a recipient, and/or send the job to another queue for 
additional processing. 

Print-to-file Archivierung

You can save incoming print documents to any network storage 
device, a folder shared from another Windows system, or your own 
computer. The ability to archive your print documents can reduce or 
eliminate expensive printing costs such as paper, toner or ink, etc. 

Ersetzt vorgedruckte Formen

Replace preprinted forms by printing a background image behind the 
text in the incoming print document.  Many image formats are 
supported.  You can add watermarks to PDF documents as well.
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