Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP)


Verbessert die BGB performance

When embed in a network, IRP acquires a copy of the traffic or a NetFlow/sFlow feed from the edge routers, passively analyzing the traffic for specific TCP anomalies. Furthermore, it actively probes remote prefixes for metrics such as packet loss, latency, throughput, historical reliability and maximum peer capacity. It sends this actively gathered data to the platform Core, which computes a performance or a cost-improvement network traffic engineering policy. The platform then announces the improved route to the network`s edge routers via a typical BGP session.

Verlegen Sie den Status und verhindern Sie Ausfälle

Networks are continuously facing troubles. Businesses are dealing with these problems by setting up additional providers, reactively creating and applying complex routing policies and manually rerouting traffic. BGP may reroute traffic only in case of hard failures - total losses of reachability, as opposed to degradation. Even when service ends up being so degraded that it is unusable for the end user, BGP continues to assert that a degraded route is valid until and unless the route is invalidated by a total lack of reachability.

Erweiterte Netzwerk Fehlerbehebung

IRP is a complete network monitoring and troubleshooting solution that makes it easy to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues. It delivers real-time views and dashboards that allow visually tracking network performance, generating triggers and sending various alerts and notifications when specific problems occur. The platform is a perfect tool for network planning, delivering Quality of Services, and ensuring the network is performing on its premises.

Holen Sie sich umfassende Analysen

Deepen your visibility into the network performance and cost from a single command and control console. Gain real-time and historical insights into all the network performance and traffic engineering activity. Observe the potential benefits of using the IRP in your environment, without implementing any actual changes to the network. The non-intrusive BGP mode exercises and reports all measurements and improvements, without any impact on the network.

Steuerung der Bandbreitennutzung pro Anbieter

As actual IP transit providers rarely price bandwidth at a simple flat rate, a common pricing model is to offer tiered levels of bandwidth with a minimum commitment and a higher burstable amount. Thus, companies pay the same amount regardless of usage up to a certain point, beyond which they would incure higher bandwidth prices at peak times. Burstable pricing means that transit costs are related to how much bandwidth a customer is actually using relative to its contract with the provider. Noction IRP addresses this by incorporating billing structures into its policy models, in order to adjust and keep predefined bandwidth commit rate levels for each provider link.

Verringern Sie die Betriebskosten

IRP adds the ability to generate massive cost savings by intelligently leveraging inexpensive transit providers whenever possible, and more expensive providers only as necessary, to meet the application performance requirements. This drives down the overall blended bandwidth rate. The cost delta between an expensive and a cheap provider may be as high as $10/Mbps. When multiplied by many Gbps of traffic, the savings could increase to millions per year.
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