To your IBM system, ExcelliPrint® appears to be a very intelligent IPDS printer

ExcelliPrint receives IPDS documents from IBM AS/400 servers and legacy mainframes, and processes in ways that fit with enterprise print environments. You get the full range of IPDS features, on your Windows system, in modern data formats. It provides a number of conversions and enterprise printing features.

Brücke zwischen legacy systems und Windows Plattformen

ExcelliPrint provides access for your current processing environment, to all your IPDS data. With ExcelliPrint you can:
  • print to both Windows printers and high speed PCL printers
  • convert to searchable PDF that you can display, index, pass to document management, ERP and COLD systems
  • extract plain text for use with variable data printing systems or conventional data processing
  • convert to standard Web image formats
  • convert to TIFF for faxing, publishing and other applications
  • print to email--send print jobs via email, automatically

Weniger Kosten pro IPDS Drucker

We price additional printers at a lower cost than the base software license. This allows you to add printers without multiplying the price.

Komplett Featured versus Economy

ExcelliPrint Premium is our fully featured product; it does everything shown above for about the cost of a typical IPDS printer.  ExcelliPrint Standard supports PCL printers only. 

ExcelliPrint IPDS Features


ExcelliPrint unterstützt alle Towers

Our customers include printer manufacturers and vendors. Some have brought in ExcelliPrint when their company solution didn't support a tower adequately for the customer's needs.

Wandelt IPDS zu PDF

We provide documents that print and display with true fidelity, can be indexed by document management and ERP systems, and enable text search in any PDF viewer application. ExcelliPrint can also apply a watermark, or graphic overlay, at the time the PDF file is crreated. Use this to add a logo, copyright statement or standard boilerplate.

Druckt von Windows Druckern

By printing to Windows printers, both local and shared, we provide you with the greatest compatibility for your document printing. With ExcelliPrint, any Windows printer can print IPDS.

Druckt PCL zu HP kompatiblen Druckern

For the greatest speed, ExcelliPrint can print directly to HP compatible printers on your network.

Emails Druckjobs

Send your print jobs automatically; ExcelliPrint makes it simple to share print jobs. You can also generate email attachments with names that make sense.

Produziert plain text output

ExcelliPrint can convert IPDS documents to plain text. The quality of the output will depend in part on the complexity of the document. You can submit text to a variable data printing solution or import to your database.

Konvertiert zu Image Formaten

ExcelliPrint converts IPDS documents to TIFF, JPEG and PNG formats, to support high volume printing and Web publishing environments.

Archiviert Druckjobs in einer Disk

You can save IPDS print jobs to disk, after converting. We can use the runtime job data to construct a file name. This allows you to separate print jobs as the originating system intended.

Konfiguriert AS/400 Geräte und kontrolliert spool Dateien

ExcelliPrint provides a graphical interface to configure AS/400 devices and writers, including "print here" in one step. ExcelliPrint can also control spooled files. Avoid using an emulator for most print tasks.

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